Qingdao Delifeng Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Quality Concept

Quality Philosophy
Quality excellence from superb technical skills
Strictly control the production process to ensure product percent of pass
Reputation comes from product quality, product quality comes from personnel quality
Insist on testing and inspection, never neglect each problem
Control every process well, make each product well
Keep improving towards perfect quality
Enhance on-site procedure management, complete process control 

Quality Policy
Double check orders and technical drawings before execution, to ensure proper understanding of orders.
Materials test. Strengthen quality supervision of raw materials and suppliers.
Quality control during production process. Ensure defect-free in production line for each product.
Final inspection of the product. Ensure full compliance with technical drawings, and provide product certificate of compliance.
After sale service. Provide good tracking service for aftermarket products, timely free replacement for defective parts, safeguard the interests of the end customer.

Quality Object
First pass yield: 99%
Ex factory pass rate: 100%
Contract performance rate: 100%; and customer satisfaction rate: 100%


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