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Auto finance providers to seek integration with Internet 2015-06-27

Since the popularization of credit system and Chinese people’s consumption level have been raised to a higher standard, the personal loans for consumptive cars have gained a large growth. It is predicted that the general volume of Chinese auto finance market will approach 670 billion CNY. But the permeability...


Beijing Hyundai to raise compact cars’ quota upon its 5th factory’s operation 2015-06-27

According to a recent announcement of Beijing Hyundai Beijing Automotive Industry Company(BAIC), its fifth factory has broken the ground in July 23 in Chongqing. The factory will hold a capacity of 300,000 whole cars per year and 300,000 engines per year upon its official operation in 2017...


Hafei’s brand remains in Changan while its business focus may alter to spare parts2015-06-27

After Changan Ford acquiring Haifei Motor’s partial asset, there emerges a new crisis in Haifei Motor of layoff and transformation. As a respond, Zhang Baolin, the President of Changan Automobile Group stated in the Sixth Annual Global Automotive Forum that the...


Chinese automobile after sales market predicted to exceed 760b RMB in 20152015-06-27

According to official statistics, China’s automobile after sales service are expected to exceed 760 billion RMB ($123.53b) this year. The market’s annual volume is expected to exceed 1 trillion RMB ($162.54b) in five years and 4 trillion RMB ($650.15b) in a decade. This rapid development has attracted...


Benz announced the target of being top 1 luxury brand2015-06-27

With increased sales volume in China, Benz has announced the target of becoming the champion in luxury market again in 5 years. The NGCC factory of Beijing Benz for forward wheel drive cars will play an important role for this target. At the same time, BMW China is also making the plan for forward wheel drive cars...


Ford: New sales volume target of 2015 in China is 1.3 million2015-06-27

In recent 16th Shanghai International Auto Show, Ford has released brand new Focus, new Edge and Explorer etc. and launched world premiere of new Taurus. New Focus and new Edge will be put into China auto market soon and new Taurus might appear within this year.


中国车企纷纷搭上互联网快车 有望催生千亿市场2015-05-05


ACEA预测2015年欧洲车市仅增2.1% 中国增速放缓2015-05-05







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