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Hafei’s brand remains in Changan while its business focus may alter to spare parts


After Changan Ford acquiring Haifei Motor’s partial asset, there emerges a new crisis in Haifei Motor of layoff and transformation. As a respond, Zhang Baolin, the President of Changan Automobile Group stated in the Sixth Annual Global Automotive Forum that the Haifei Brand will remain and we are planning to transfer the business center to automotive spare parts but the plan may change in the future.

The President added that Changan Group has provided Haifei Motor with much development support since it joined Changan Group six years ago. In the past, Haifei Motor’s development has been hindered by its historical problems. But, now, Changan has done much work for Haifei’s development including reimbursing loans and work out the next development plan.

On the other hand, Zhang Baolin stated that Changan Group also has made use of part of Haifei’s resources to strengthen some products of Changan Ford. As for Hafei’s future, Changan will remain the Brand and might transfer Hafei’s business center to spare parts.


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